* Preloved * Graphic Novel : Are We Having Fun Yet?

Item : Graphic Novel
Title : Are We Having Fun Yet?
Publisher : Fantagraphics Books
Author : Bill Griffith
Pages : 127
Type : Paperback
Condition : 9/10 (Read once)
Original Price : RM 33.60
KamBaiMo's Selling Price : RM 10 (please add RM 3 only for postage)
Reason For Selling : Clearing out my bookcase
Status : AVAILABLE (1 unit only)

ZIPPY is THE most original and greatest comic in mainstream press today. It's art is fantastic; the writing sublime (and sometimes just plain stupid--but in a good way). Bill Griffith CARES about his craft. This comic is not out to just be "topical" or just deliver a daily "gag" (too many strips deliver gags--and not the good kind). ZIPPY is a comic about the love of cartooning and writing and observation. Try it--you maynot get it at first but if you stay with it it gets you!

the book

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