* Preloved * Batik Sarung Super Gold 2 Meter

Item : Kain Batik Sarung Super Gold
Brand : Ratna Dewi
Size : 2 Meter
Colours : Various with white base
Condition : 10/10 (New new new)
Original Price : RM 32
KamBaiMo's Selling Price : RM25 (including postage)
Reason For Selling : Too lazy to send to tailor
Status : AVAILABLE (1 unit only)
You sew a hem, it becomes a kain sarung. You sew the kelepet and waist grip, it becomes a baju kurung skirt. I was initially planning for that, but too lazy. Penyakit malas. Hehe.
overall view

vibrant colours

overall patterns (see the gold naik)


To order : email kambaimo@gmail.com

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