* Preloved * Black Muslimah Shirt

Item : Muslimah Shirt
Brand : French Laundry
Overall Size : 1x
Material : Linen
Colour : Black (but in photos look grey because i suck at photography)
Condition : 10/10 (still new. tag attached)
Original Price : RM 85
KamBaiMo's Selling Price : RM50 (including postage)
Reason For Selling : Too big for me
Status : AVAILABLE (1 unit only)
laid flat
Bahu Ke Bahu (45cm)
Kolar Ke Bawah (74cm)
Panjang Lengan (50cm)
Lebar (69cm)
 Smart looking. Match it with a maxi skirt or even a pair of pants, your bottom would nicely be covered.

overall view

love the collar. unlike the normal collar, this collar type will ensure your nape wont feel stuffy under your tudung. 

tag still attached

To order : email kambaimo@gmail.com

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