* Preloved * Comedy Book : 1-800-am-I-nuts?

Item : Comedy Book
Title : 1-800-am-I-nuts?
Publisher : Random House
Author : Margo Kaufman
Pages : 312
Type : Hard Cover
Condition : 9/10 (Read once)
Original Price : RM 50
KamBaiMo's Selling Price : RM 10 (please add RM 3 only for postage)
Reason For Selling : Clearing out my bookcase
Status : AVAILABLE (1 unit only)

Why does Kaufman feel so at home in Venice, Calif. -which she labels "Lunatic Central" and finds akin to "living in the strainer in the kitchen sink"? The answer comes clear as she reveals her affinity with the odd and offbeat. This helps to explain her fascination with psychics, mediums and the like, who give her earth-shattering revelations such as "you're capable of being rational." But she can be realistic, too: even though her essays have appeared in the Los Angeles Times and the New York Times , she realizes that whenever she introduces herself as a freelance writer, people translate that into "failed real-estate agent." In this collection of new and previously published pieces, Kaufman cocks her unerring eye at human foibles and frailties in the '90s - at "Love Bytes," at "Dirty Linen Is Now Small Talk," at "The Theme Park Picnic." Lovers of sophisticated humor who haven't yet made Kaufman's acquaintance have a treat in store. 

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