[ SOLD ] Blacky Black Turtle Neck

Item : Blacky Black Turtle Neck
Brand : Alpino
Overall Size : Fits M and L
Material : Lycra
Colour : Blacky Black
Condition : 9/10 (impulse buy)
Original Price : RM 70
Reason For Selling : Clearing out my closet
Status : SOLD (thank you RK)
laid flat
Bahu Ke Bahu (38cm)
Kolar Ke Bawah (65cm)
Panjang Lengan (17cm)
Lebar (55cm)
 This smart casual blouse is made of lycra fabric. Its strechable. Its pleated front is such a coverup for my buncit-tummy.

overall view

pleated front view (excessive over-bright flash aiyaks)
the label

To order : email kambaimo@gmail.com

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