[ SOLD ] Chiffon Polka Dot Dress

Item : Chiffon Polka Dot Dress
Brand : None
Overall Size : Freesize
Material : Chiffon with lining
Available Colours : Brown with white polka dots
Condition : New
Status: Sold (thank you D)
laid flat
Bahu Ke Bahu (35cm)
Kolar Ke Bawah (80cm)
Panjang Lengan (58cm)
Chiffon dress with lining. Fancy enough to be a dress or even a blouse. Dress up with strappy sandals and killer jewelry. Also easily worn as a casual, funky boho-chic piece with wedge shoes, flip flops or gladiator sandals. Hassle free maintenance (this piece air dries very quickly after washing) makes this the perfect piece to take on vacation. Wear it with a cropped denim jacket or long cardigan and booties or inner. It has a draping shape refined by a elastic waistband.

overall view

To order : email kambaimo@gmail.com

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